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Hi, I’m Wayde Wiradjuri/Birpai man, also known as Aléjandro, I am a queer, Aboriginal artist. My work explores identity and perception through my own experiences as a person of colour who identifies as gay living in Australia. I create installations to take on the world and bring attention to issues that are important to me.

I have always been passionate about art, but never thought it would become my career. I was late starting art and only considered it a hobby, I never thought my art would be bought or sold but I was wrong.

I have always been enthralled by the notion of being unapologetically myself and would love others to do the same. My own identity has always been a source of confusion that has led me to find my way through art and self-discovery. Over the years I have gradually started to develop an awareness of who I am and where I fit into this world. This is an ongoing journey, and my work has developed as my understanding of myself has grown.

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Original Works

Welcome to my online gallery of original paintings and one of a kind artworks. My collection is a personal expression of my love for emotion and color, brought to life through a modern and contemporary indigenous design. Each piece is a unique expression of my creativity and imagination, painted with my own hands and heart. I pour my emotions into every stroke, creating a story that is meant to be shared. My art is not just a decoration, but a personal connection between myself and each viewer. Browse my online gallery to discover a world of beauty, emotion, and creativity, brought to life through my one of a kind artworks, made with love just for you

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At Alejandro Lauren, I offer commission artwork services for personal and business needs. For businesses, I specialise in creative branding, logos, and campaign designs that reflect your message and engage your audience. For homes, I create unique, personalized artworks that capture your journey and style, using high-quality materials and techniques. Contact me for a consultation to bring your vision to life with a truly special piece of art.

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  • COTTON:ON in Pride

    In 2024, I teamed up with Cotton On to deck out their Bondi Superstore with queer art for Mardi Gras—a vivid celebration of LGBTQIA+ SB community and love. This collaboration was not just about decoration; it was a proud statement of diversity, rights, and the joy of being true to oneself.

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  • ACON Reconcilation Plan

    In 2023, my artwork featuring the rainbow serpent won ACON NSW’s RAP competition, symboliSing unity and diversity at the Mardi Gras parade. A vibrant celebration of inclusivity and reconciliation.

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  • Equality Australia YES23

    Empowering Voices, Building Unity: Joining Equality Australia to Champion the 'Yes' Vote for Indigenous Recognition in Australia's Constitution

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  • Warners Bay Private Hospital

    Elevating Spaces, Enriching Lives: Transforming Ramsey Health's Courtyard into a Haven of Artistic Solace and Self-Love.

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  • Renascent RAP

    Fostering Reconciliation Through Art: Partnering with Renascent to Shape a Vision of Unity and Diversity in Their Reconciliation Action Plan

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  • Biodiversity Conservation Trust | NSW Government

    Wayde Clarke, the artful storyteller, intertwines culture, bugs, and landscapes into fresh art pieces

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