Deadly Brushstrokes | Workshops

Are you keen to organise an event brimming with creativity, laughter, and a touch of eco-conscious flair? Picture a gathering where your guests can unleash their inner artists, spurred on by the vibrant energy of a sassy instructor, all whilst enjoying their favourite drinks and nibbles in a space alive with joy and colour. Welcome to the unique experience of our workshop, where we merge art, enjoyment, and sustainability into one unforgettable occasion.

At our event, you and your guests will transform plain tote bags into masterpieces of personal expression. These aren't just any totes; they're canvases for your creativity and a statement of your commitment to the planet. With every brushstroke on these bags, which we gladly provide along with all necessary art supplies and aprons, you'll be crafting a piece of wearable art that's as unique as you are. Whether you're out shopping or merely carrying your essentials, your custom tote will catch eyes and spark conversations about your one-of-a-kind creation.

Our workshops are more than mere painting sessions; they're a chance to connect, learn, and unwind. Whether you're interested in delving into themes of Aboriginal culture and education or simply seeking a fun and relaxing way to finish the week, we've got you sorted. Available exclusively from Monday to Sunday by appointment only, my sessions can accommodate groups from 10 to 30 people at $60 per person. They're perfect for various occasions, including hen parties, children's groups, and corporate team-building events.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to host an event that combines the joy of painting with the pleasure of socialising, all with an eco-friendly twist. Contact us to book your session and discover the availability that suits your schedule. We're excited at the prospect of welcoming you to our workshop and witnessing the incredible art you'll create. Let's make memories that last, one brushstroke at a time.