About Alejandro Lauren

Hi, I’m Wayde Wiradjuri/Birpai man, also known as Aléjandro, I am a queer, Aboriginal artist. My work explores identity and perception through my own experiences as a person of colour who identifies as gay living in Australia. I create installations to take on the world and bring attention to issues that are important to me.
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I have always been passionate about art, but never thought it would become my career. I was late starting art and only considered it a hobby, I never thought my art would be bought or sold but I was wrong. I sold my first work in early 2018 and my art journey has not stopped since then. 
I have been lucky enough to be able to run educational work groups teaching aboriginal art to adults and children. I also run other workshops outside of this as I want people to feel free from the stress of everyday life. Art helps people heal and let go. I am not a qualified therapist but I fully believe this. If you are interested in booking a session please contact me.
I have always been enthralled by the notion of being unapologetically myself and would love others to do the same. My own identity has always been a source of confusion that has led me to find my way through art and self-discovery. Over the years I have gradually started to develop an awareness of who I am and where I fit into this world. This is an ongoing journey, and my work has developed as my understanding of myself has grown.