Warners Bay Private Hospital

Ramsey Health invited me to collaborate in early 2023, requesting my assistance in transforming one of their units' courtyard into a peaceful and joyful space. The goal was to create artworks that could serve as window decals, providing patients with privacy while still enabling a connection to the outside world. These decals allowed sunlight to enter rooms while ensuring a sense of seclusion.
This project held significant personal value to me due to my hospital experiences during my younger years. It was a passion project of mine, an opportunity to use my artistic abilities to spread positivity and representation to others. I was excited to collaborate with Ramsey Health and eager to get started.
Lake Macquarie's themes of self-love and home embrace were inspiring. The project paid tribute to Mount Sugarloaf, offered a bird's-eye view of Warners Bay, and depicted inner transformation and self-acceptance. Every aspect of this endeavor resonated deeply with me, and I will always treasure the privilege of contributing to it.