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Aboriginal Art | Legacy Blossoms - 40 x 30cm | Original painting

Aboriginal Art | Legacy Blossoms - 40 x 30cm | Original painting

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"Legacy of Blossoms" is an authentic creation that masterfully captures the essence of a heartfelt poem, blossoming into a breathtaking garden of vibrant flowers. This enchanting garden is a testament to the enduring love and nurturing spirit of a mother's heart.

In 'Legacy of Blossoms,' every inch of the canvas is adorned with an array of blossoms, each one a radiant burst of colour. Shades of pink, purple, yellow, and blue come together harmoniously, symbolising the 'good things' and 'seeds of self-esteem' lovingly sown by a mother in her child's heart.

The flowers in this garden stand tall and have vibrant, embodying the unwavering strength and resilience of maternal love. They are a living legacy, a reflection of the wisdom, warmth, and guidance that a mother imparts.

As viewers gaze upon 'Legacy of Blossoms,' they are invited to immerse themselves in the beauty and symbolism of this floral sanctuary. It serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact of a mother's love, which continues to bloom eternally within the hearts of her children, creating a garden of memories and emotions that flourish with each passing day.


medium Acrylic 

Stretched Framed Canvas - 40 x 30 cm 

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