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Aboriginal Artwork | Happy With Me | | Original Painting 50 x 40 cm Version One

Aboriginal Artwork | Happy With Me | | Original Painting 50 x 40 cm Version One

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Creating “Happy With Me” was a profoundly personal endeavour for me, one that was both a heartfelt expression and an introspective exploration. This piece isn't just art to me; it's a resonant part of my own universal journey towards self-acceptance and genuine happiness.

"Happy With Me" stands as a testament to my own battles and triumphs over the inner demons that once held sway over my sense of self-worth. It's more than a mere reminder; it's a potent catalyst for self-love and acceptance, offering guidance and resilience through the ebbs and flows of life.

My inspiration for "Happy With Me" was drawn from the philosophy of Aristotle, who posited that happiness is the ultimate purpose of human existence. In creating this artwork, I aimed to transcend individual experiences, tapping into the profound significance of discovering joy and contentment within oneself. Scientific research underscores the transformative impact of happiness on our physical and emotional well-being, lending universal relevance to my work.

This piece is a declaration of my resilience and unwavering determination to cultivate happiness from within. It serves as an inspirational beacon, encouraging viewers to embark on their own journeys towards self-love and fulfilment. Through its evocative message and vibrant imagery, "Happy With Me" invites individuals to recognise their inherent worth and to celebrate the beauty of being truly content with oneself.

Medium - Acrylic
Stretch Canvas Pine Oak Frame
Size 40 x 30
can be hung in any orientation
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