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Abstract Expressionism Art | Euphoria | Original Painting

Abstract Expressionism Art | Euphoria | Original Painting

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This artwork, titled "Euphoria," is a vibrant, abstract composition that features a multitude of colourful, organic shapes interwoven across the canvas. I use bold, dynamic lines and a vivid palette of colors including blues, greens, pinks, oranges, and yellows, creating a sense of movement and energy. Each shape interacts with the others, creating a lively, interconnected visual experience.

This piece reflects a sense of spontaneity and playfulness, with each color and form contributing to an overall sense of harmony and balance. The diversity of shapes and hues symbolizes a variety of emotions, memories, and feelings, all intermingling in a cohesive yet dynamic manner. "Euphoria" is about those happier memories in life—days where you feel invincible, nothing will break your stride. You’re surrounded with love and feel love.

My signature, "Alejandro Lauren" indicates the personal touch and the specific moment in time when this piece was created, adding a layer of individuality and context.

Overall, "Euphoria" is a celebration of colour and form, inviting you to engage with its complexity and find your own meanings within its abstract beauty.

 Medium: Acrylic

Stretched Canvas Framed

Pine oak frame

size 30 x 30 cm




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