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Abstract Expressionism Art | Flow | Original Painting

Abstract Expressionism Art | Flow | Original Painting

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 This artwork, titled "Flow," is a vibrant, abstract composition that embodies the philosophy of going with the flow and trusting that everything is fine. The piece features a playful and harmonious blend of shapes and colours, including shades of blue, pink, yellow, and orange, creating a sense of ease and fluidity.

I use smooth, organic lines and a cheerful palette to convey a sense of calm and acceptance. Each shape interacts effortlessly with the others, symbolising the importance of moving through life with a sense of trust and adaptability. "Flow" encourages you to embrace the present moment and let things unfold naturally.

My signature, "Alejandro Lauren '24," adds a personal touch and marks the specific moment in time when this piece was created, enhancing its individuality and context.

Overall, "Flow" is a celebration of tranquility and resilience, inviting you to connect with its peaceful energy and find your own sense of balance within its abstract beauty.

Medium: Acrylic

Stretched Canvas


Size: 20 x 20

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