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Aboriginal Art | Kept Flowers | One-of-a-Kind Original Painting

Aboriginal Art | Kept Flowers | One-of-a-Kind Original Painting

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"Kept Flowers" is a painting that captures the essence of keeping the good things in life close to your heart. The artwork uses the metaphor of picking weeds out of a garden, to symbolise the importance of keeping only the best things in our lives. The flowers in the artwork represent the people in our lives who support us unconditionally, such as our true friends and chosen family.

The artwork is bright and colorful, which reflects the positive energy of having a support unit in our lives. The flowers are depicted as strong and resilient, just like the people who stand by us in our darkest moments.

The painting also captures the essence of vulnerability and the importance of being there for one another without judgment. The flowers represent the love and care that we give to one another, regardless of our flaws or imperfections.

Overall, "Kept Flowers" is a beautiful representation of the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships in our lives and keeping the positive energy close to our hearts. It's a reminder to appreciate the people who support us, and to always strive to create a life filled with love and positivity.
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One of a kind artwork - one of one
Medium - Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas
Size - 40 x 30cm
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