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Aboriginal Art | Marrumbang | Original Painting

Aboriginal Art | Marrumbang | Original Painting

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Welcome to "Marrumbang," a heartfelt masterpiece that captures the essence of love and family in contemporary Indigenous art. As the artist, I poured my passion and heritage into this piece, creating a visual narrative that transcends some time and culture.


"Marrumbang," which means "Love" in Wiradjuri, is a profound reflection of connection, safety, and the enduring bonds that unite us as families, whether they are chosen or biological. This painting celebrates nurturing, serving as a testament to the love that shapes our lives and creates lasting memories.


With a palette of dusty pinks, pastel greens, deep mauves, and light blues, "Marrumbang" evokes a sense of serenity and warmth. These colours blend harmoniously to symbolise the love surrounding us and the care we offer one another.


The contemporary Indigenous style of this artwork speaks to the enduring strength of cultural heritage, while the use of acrylic adds a modern touch. "Marrumbang" is not just a painting; it's a story, a testament to the power of love and family ties.


Hang this piece in your home as a daily reminder of the love that embraces you, or gift it to a cherished member of your chosen or biological family. Let "Marrumbang" bring the spirit of love and nurturing into your life.


canvas stretched 30 x 40cm frames 

medium acrylic paint


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