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Aboriginal Art | Just the Two of Us | Limited Release

Aboriginal Art | Just the Two of Us | Limited Release

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"Just the Two of Us," a magnificent representation of love and connection through the powerful symbols of Indigenous Aboriginal art. This stunning artwork celebrates the beauty and unity that emerges when two individuals come together in perfect harmony.


"Just the Two of Us" portrays two symbols with intricate designs that symbolize the essence of love and connection. The meticulous craftsmanship and vibrant colours of the symbols create a sense of depth and texture, capturing the eye and drawing the viewer into the artwork's captivating narrative.


The backdrop of vibrant pink and yellow hues evokes a feeling of joy and positivity, emphasizing the uplifting nature of love and the shared journey of two souls intertwined. The symbolism employed in this artwork serves as a testament to the extraordinary power of love and the profound beauty of human connection.


Through the intricate designs and vibrant colours, "Just the Two of Us" embodies the magic of love and celebrates the resilience and strength of the human heart. This artwork not only adds a touch of beauty to any space but also serves as a daily reminder of the transformative power of love and the capacity of human beings to experience joy and happiness through meaningful connections.

20 to be printed per size. 

297mm x 420mm below is printed on 300gsm

Artworks are printed with a 5 mm outer margin

Artworks are printed on coloured paper for an eye-catching result.

420mm x 594mm is printed 160gsm coated paper 

The artworks deliver brilliant and vivid colours through a superior printing process that provides beautiful stunning pieces that you can display. 

Can be hung in any orientation.

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